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Democratising digitisation for knowledge economy businesses

Unpredictability in the market is considered the biggest present challenge by consulting firms.  

Business growth has faltered in the aftermath of industry-wide challenges for the knowledge economy, such as Covid-19, global competition, and pressures on profitability, with consulting suffering the most. 

So, what can knowledge-based businesses do to adapt to this environment? 

The solution, that many are starting to recognise, is disruptive technology and a change of business model. People have shifted how they prefer to engage with businesses, moving online to search, buy, and interact. Service providers need to evolve their strategies in response, to keep delivering exceptional customer experiences and maintain their relationships as the nature of these relationships change. 

That being said, the odds are stacked against them, with the majority of digital transformation or software projects ending in failure

For some sectors, such as fintech or ecommerce, this is an easier transition but there are greater challenges for knowledge-based industries like training, consulting, or community housing. After all, their service is centred around human connection.  

The question then of how to successfully translate such a people-oriented business into an online presence has held many organisations back from attempting digital transformation.  

This digital transformation gap is holding many businesses back from scaling the way they want. They’re in a position where they need more resource to grow, but with uncertainty surrounding their revenue, can’t afford to take the risk on digital solutions or new hires. 

So, what if digitisation was made more accessible? What if it was designed not to disconnect knowledge-based businesses from their roots in people, but to enhance how they deliver this service? 

This is what Mindset does. 

Scale your expertise with Mindset 

We believe that digitisation and enhanced engagement shouldn't be out of reach - for anyone. Especially in today’s landscape where this is so essential for growth. 

Our mission is therefore to transform the way the knowledge economy engages with their audience, digitising and automating your service offering. We’re helping businesses to scale faster and retain customers longer, to open the door to many new business and revenue opportunities.  

By democratising access to advanced technology, we’re enabling better growth, globally. 

So how are we doing this? 

Mindset gives your business a customised platform that manages every individual interaction and programme stage, all in one place that you can call your own. Your platform can be quickly up and running, digitising (and therefore innovatively productising) your service offering.  

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean the all-important human touch to your proposition is lost. Our machine learning algorithms will match your users to personas in order to deliver hyper personalised user engagement activity, that automatically engages and retains users. 

Your platform supports you to bring on more customers, react faster, and deliver more value - to achieve your biggest ambitions - with less. With Mindset as the foundation, you overcome unpredictability. You can generate a recurring income and actionable data insights that empower growth and allow you to better monetise your offering. 

Designed to accelerate the knowledge economy, you can scale faster and grow smarter with Mindset. 

And the best part, no developer is needed. 

Let’s explore how Mindset can transform knowledge economy digitisation in more detail: 

Transforming methodologies & processes 

Although many processes are repeatable, they are still time-consuming. User data is input manually, there’s multiple workflows for every task, or engagement has to be managed across millions of tools. This only leads to valuable resource being spent on endless amounts of admin, instead of with your users. 

Knowledge businesses have rooted their services in their unique methodologies. individual knowledge, communication and research. Often, these involve a mix of time-consuming and manual processes, with professionals switching between their LMS for research, to their survey platform or spreadsheets to collate data, and different messaging platforms for comms. 

While these workflows are repeatable, and the solutions functional, they are not scalable. This can lead to a poor customer experience, making service delivery slow and complicated.  

Using these structures, knowledge-based businesses will inevitably struggle to scale their contracts without also bringing on new full-time hires.  

Digitising your methodologies and automating key tasks will transform how consultants, coaches, and more go about their day to day. Imagine the amount of resource you would be able to free up and dedicate towards one-to-one client nurturing, if data input was done for you and in a single platform, surveys sent independently (and in line with your methodologies), and anonymised reporting completed instantly. 

Doing this also relieves the currently heavy reliance on hiring for businesses to grow. The more tasks are streamlined or automated, the more clients each professional can handle, and the less you need to worry about how to scale (and how much it’s going to cost). 

Taking exceptional customer experience to a new level 

Knowledge-based firms, especially consulting, value audience research more than ever.  

Why? Because in an evolving, and increasingly competitive market, knowing your audience inside out is a huge benefit. Understanding and tracking where individuals are in their journey is fundamental to these services. Especially for knowledge-based sectors like consulting, where client (and staff) relationships are the backbone of your business. 

Personalisation is the new focus for client engagement – not as a crude tactic, but for creating genuinely better experiences. Rather than simply tracking where customers are along a standardised journey, journeys could be curated on an individual basis. 

As businesses scale it becomes harder to see these journeys clearly, especially if you’re using multiple platforms to engage your users, which will negatively impact the personalisation, closeness, and quality of services. 

Digitisation the way Mindset does it helps overcome this. First, creating a centralised hub for engagement both makes managing relationships easier and gives you greater control. Businesses can create a truly personalised place to communicate with people one on one. Plus, with all your services represented in a single platform, professionals don’t need to manage a separate LMS, CRM, social platform, and more to do their job. 

Secondly, technologies like machine learning and AI unlock the possibilities for firms to continuously learn about their users on an individual level. Mindset delivers smart data insights – what kind of content a person likes, what topics they are most interested in, how their mood affects them, and more - and lets you channel them back into your digital or in-person interactions.  

Firms can provide more relevant, more useful, and more successful experiences that increase behaviour changes and training outcomes. You can, not just engage, but delight, your users. 

It’s worth saying as well that this form of digitisation will never replace human connection. Again, people are the cornerstone of knowledge-based businesses, and this shouldn’t change. We instead create a relationship where tech and people can both do what they’re best at, so your business can scale more meaningfully.  

Digitisation simply supports your relationships – creating an easier, simpler, and more engaging way for users to interact with your business’s digital touchpoints. 

Retention, scale and accelerated growth 

All this adds strategic security to your business models.  

Methodologies are recorded with posterity, making them more scalable. Tools such as actionable user insights and automated engagements, will optimise individual experiences and outcomes, and improve retention.  

Plus, all your methodologies, knowledge, learnings and interactions are now recorded, if not automated. It eliminates the stress of tracking relationships manually or building understanding from scratch with every new hire.  

As a result, your service models are supported by a strong digital structure. Relationships can last longer, processes are more profitable, and your business can grow more rapidly than ever before possible. 

Accelerating human aspiration 

At the end of the day, it all comes back to bridging that capability gap. Without access to the right technologies, skills, or routes to adapt, knowledge-based businesses will continue to experience the same challenges.  

Mindset is breaking down these barriers, putting the ability to transform into your hands.  

If you want to know more about Mindset, get in touch with our team. We’re here to talk. 


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