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Why people power Mindset

We are driven to transform the digitisation of the knowledge economy – with people at the centre. 

Mindset exists to empower people and businesses to scale their expertise and achieve their missions. 

Why? Because by scaling their expertise, we can help these amazing organisations to help even more people. Their aspirations, like ours, are huge – they are inspiring – and they should have the opportunities to make them happen by every means. 

That’s what we’re here for – to accelerate human aspiration. To close the gap between ability and ambition. To put people’s missions within reach by making their life a little easier, and a little better, along the way. 

It’s only getting more difficult for knowledge-based business models, like consulting and coaching, to survive in today’s market environment. But we don’t want them to simply survive, we want them to thrive.  

This is why we created Mindset and the community surrounding it. 

Mindset is empowering digitisation and transforming engagement for this sector, enabling them to retain customers longer, scale faster, and grow securely. Despite the many, and ever increasing, barriers to the contrary! 

Mindset is like a boosted version of Squarespace or WordPress. With no developer, you can build your own customised platform that works across every device you can think of and can be accessed on the common stores. 

Better yet, it puts machine learning technology into your grasp. This is completely automated to build more tailored interactions and journeys for your audience, based on their behaviours. It also delivers these insights directly to you and your team. Mindset, in short, makes it super easy to engage with each individual user in a highly personalised, smart, and relevant way. It helps you rise to the occasion of exceptional customer experience demands.

Our team is dedicated to not just delivering a solution, but realising your vision. We work extremely closely with you to understand what you’re trying to achieve and configuring the right platform. Making partnerships is at the heart of what we do, and we believe it allows us to deliver something much better, faster. At the end of the day, your success is our success. 

Our vision for the knowledge economy goes even further. We want to grow an ecosystem of businesses who, together, are working to build better societies and tackle difficult problems. With access to one another as well as the right technology, we can all be supported (and challenged) to learn, develop, and grow. 

We hope that with Mindset, great businesses no longer need to worry about how and when they can scale. They can harness new opportunities, take their ideas to market faster and reach a wider audience – making a bigger difference. 

Ultimately, we believe every business should have the power to realise their ambitions, and with Mindset, they do. 

 Here’s what our team what to say about the Mindset purpose:

Niamh MulhallCustomer success manager  

Mindset encourages community. We want to help our community scale their expertise and, through digital transformation, and innovate how they engage with their communities. 

Christine Davies, CXO  

Mindset is about helping people realise their vision. We work with truly exceptional people and it’s a privilege, so we’re committed to making these aspirations a reality. 

Jack HoughtonChief Product Officer 

Mindset was built to help amazing organisations create change in the world. Their ambitions are huge – wild even – and we want to make technologies and skills accessible to everyone, so they can do great things. There’s no bias, no selfish mission, we just want everyone to succeed. 

 William EvansChief Technology Officer 

We feel software can, and should, do more. We’re always trying to make user interactions feel extremely natural, with the aim of improving people’s experiences throughout life. 

 Wicus VerhoefChief Data Officer 

We felt there should be a way to make software adaptable to people, not the other way around. This is where Mindset came from. It’s not one size fits all – it changes its behaviours at the most human level. It’s built from the ground up for people. 

 Barrie HadfieldCEO 

Mindset all branches from the core principle that software should adapt to people. Using the best of ML and insights from real service experts, we’re making technological engagement as human as it’s possible to be. 

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